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Nantong Haifeng Households Products Co., Ltd.

Nantong Haifeng Household Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, and HaiZhiDian is our brand. We focus on household products, providing high-quality products such as shower curtains, bathroom mats, tablecloths, etc. We are committed to providing comfortable, safe and beautiful solutions for your home.

HaiZhiDian is committed to quality and reliability. We maintain strict control over the production process to ensure that each product meets high standards and meets customer expectations. Our products are exported to Europe and North America all year round. With fully automatic production lines and advanced printing equipment, we can manufacture our products efficiently. By choosing us, you’ll receive high-quality homewares that enhance your home environment.

Our shower curtains are made of high-quality materials with excellent waterproof and mildew-proof properties, keeping your bathroom dry and clean. We offer a variety of designs and styles to meet the tastes and decorative needs of different customers.

To ensure a safer bathroom environment, we offer bathroom anti-slip mats made of high-quality materials. These mats have excellent anti-slip properties and provide extra safety for the elderly and children.

In addition, our product line also includes home furnishings such as tablecloths. We offer a variety of sizes and designs, all made from high-quality materials that are water-resistant, stain-resistant and durable, adding elegance and sophistication to your dining table.

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